Additional coverage availability varies by location and property type. 看到 计划协议 for coverage details, including service fees, limitations and exclusions. Coverage limits and charges for non-covered items may apply. 


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Curious about what our coverage is really like? Watch home improvement/renovation expert, and 唯有通过® 发言人Matt Blashaw采访了Tara,她是美国本土盾的长期成员.
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是的,ShieldPlatinum 唯有通过涵盖9个厨房和洗衣设备,让您的家庭保持运转! 你的电器有了保险,你的每一个故障都得到了最高4000美元的保险. For covered breakdowns, if we can’t repair your appliance, we’ll replace it! We cover multiples of each item – like that extra fridge or a double oven, and we don’t care how old your appliances are – they’re covered.

1. 厨房电器包括:冰箱(独立式冰柜除外), 多媒体中心, 葡萄酒冷却器), 范围/烤箱/炉灶面, 洗碗机, 内置微波炉, 垃圾处置, 即热/冷水机.

2. 洗衣设备包括以下所有部件:洗衣机/烘干机.

Bonus – 唯有通过 will pay up to $250 for additional 修改, 违反守则的改正, 或者管道需要许可证, 充气, 电, and plumbing for a covered appliance repair/replacement.

有关电器承保范围的详细资料 请看十大赌博靠谱网络平台的合同样本.

唯有通过不要求您预先支付年费,也不需要您每月支付额外费用. We keep your home up and running, and your budget on track !

shield白金计划, you have the most comprehensive coverage 唯有通过 has to offer, 包括保险上限! 这是50美元,000 aggregate limit* see contract for details, and we never limit the number of service requests you can make!

大多数系统(比如你的空调/暖气), 管道或电气设备)有5美元,000 coverage limit per agreement term with our contracts.  That includes unlimited coverage for AC refrigerant (such as Freon or R-22), 每台电器的保额最高可达4美元,每次故障000美元. Your roof leak repairs will be covered up to $1,000 per contract (one year).

厨房用具包括以下内容并涵盖所有部件:冰箱(独立式冷冻室除外), 多媒体中心, 葡萄酒冷却器), 范围/烤箱/炉灶面, 洗碗机, 内置微波炉, 垃圾处置, 即热/冷水机.


● Roof leak repair coverage covers all types of roof leaks except for Metal roofs; partial or full green roofs (eco roofs); items penetrating the roof (such as skylights, 烟囱, and vents); roof mounted installations (such as solar panels) and leaks associated with their attachment to the roof; gutters and downspouts. Roof Leak Repair coverage is not available in Hawaii.

Some exceptions to k现在 about when you comparison shop:


● If plumbing or ductwork is only accessible through concrete, 十大赌博靠谱网络平台最多承保1美元,每个1000(一个水管帽), 一个盖子用于管道系统)用于该工作(包括访问和在十大赌博靠谱网络平台完成后将空间恢复到粗糙的表面).

●如有额外修改, 违反守则的改正, 或者需要许可才能进行管道, 充气, 电, and plumbing for a covered repair – 唯有通过 will pay up to $1,000盾白金.

*看到十大赌博靠谱网络平台 样品合同.

白金版覆盖了银版的所有14个主要家庭系统,金版的9个关键厨房和洗衣设备提供了覆盖范围提升, +1 free HVAC Tune-Up and roof leak repair coverage.

1. 覆盖范围增加:

●ShieldPlatinum提供4000美元(4美元)的双重家电保险,000) per Covered Item malfunction for access, 诊断, and repair/replacement of any covered Appliance (vs. ShieldGold的保险金额为2,000美元).

●  ShieldPlatinum covers up to $250 in 修改, 代码需要更改, 或者许可证费用让你安心-特别是在老房子的代码要求已经改变. 

●  With Shield Platinum, 100% of refrigerant costs are covered. 交流制冷剂(如氟利昂), R-22 or R-410A) vary widely by season and state, but most AC units require up to 10 pounds to repair, 这意味着没有十大赌博靠谱网络平台, you could be paying $540 - $810 for refrigerant needed to get your AC working.

2. Shield白金提供每个合同期限1次免费暖通空调调整,以便在赛季开始前检查您的空调或加热器!

3. Roof Leak Repair is an additional $10 as an add-on option on our lower 2 plans. 与ShieldPlatinum捆绑, you get the value of a free HVAC Tune-Up, 加上以上所有3个覆盖范围,以保护您的预算免受意外成本的影响,每月只需额外的价格(与购买ShieldGold +屋顶泄漏修复可选覆盖相比)。.

Shield Platinum prices vary depending on what state you are in, 住宅面积, 你的房产类型——例如,四层公寓的覆盖范围比单户住宅大——所以你知道你得到了最适合你需求的交易. That’s why we need your address to show accurate prices. 盾白金价格总是高于盾金计划-为您带来价值与屋顶泄漏修复保护, 免费的空调或暖气设备, and additional coverage for refrigerant, 修改和更多.

You can pick your price for ShieldPlatinum by customizing your Service Fee. 为每个服务请求支付更多费用可以降低您的每月合同成本或每月合同价格更高, 你可以为每项服务支付更少的钱.

要获得您的个性化报价, 店计划 现在.

单户住宅和多户住宅单位的总面积上限为10,000平方英尺. Townhome, condominiums, and mobile homes must be 5,000 square feet or less.

是的. For covered malfunctions, 唯有通过 will repair or replace the appliance. We’ll even pay to haul away your old defective unit. 美国宇航局有唯一的决定权, according to the terms of this contract, whether a covered item will be repaired or replaced.

修理时, 唯有通过保留对现有部件或组件进行改造和/或安装改造后的部件或组件的权利.

更换时, 唯有通过负责安装具有类似功能的替换设备和部件, 能力, 和效率, 但不是为了匹配尺寸, 品牌或颜色. 唯有通过不负责匹配现有物品的任何与该物品的主要功能无关的功能.

唯有通过 will not repair or replace malfunctions covered by a manufacturer, 经销商, 构建器, 或者延长保修期

Your effective contract date begins 30 days after your order. 当你在网上购物时, 您的计划开始日期将显示在确认页面和您的电子邮件确认中!

We don’t charge you until your coverage starts, 但你仍然可以设置你的客户MyAccount来保存你的服务记录, and access maintenance services and member benefits.

You may also request a delayed start date by contacting us at 888.682.1043.



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